Jonathan Coleclough


Beech for John and Miho
Jonathan Coleclough & Tim Hill

2002 · CDR in clear plastic sleeve · self-released · UK · edition of 150

This CDR was made for a trip to Japan.
The piece was released as a regular CD in 2003.


1.   Beech for John and Miho   (74.32)


A single, beautiful droning mantra by the always deep-digging Coleclough, whose sound sources are not revealed (like all Ora/Mirror/Organum/Monos etc. artists often do, for the better) even if you could guess there are a lot of strings and bowed metals a la David Jackman. ‘Beech for John and Miho’ is a little more consonant than Organum, though; its vibrating force can be thoroughly enjoyed at high volume in a large room - with your body completely immersed in the natural reverb of your place; nevertheless, this 74 minute piece will also be a perfect lower-volume soundtrack to your mental abandon, right at that moment where you want to close everything (and everyone) else out of your world.
Massimo Ricci, Touching Extremes